The psychology of worrying

Worrying is generally a negative feeling, an emotion, or a state of mind, that we experience right now when we think about the possibility of an event happening in the future. To counteract this feeling we usually try one of these two strategies: Distraction – „Okay, I am too worried, let…


The importance of taking care of oneself

Verantwortung für sich übernehmen

Every person has many roles to fulfill. We are daughters, sons, parents, husbands, wives, friends… Not even talking about professions, hobbies et cetera. Every role includes work. One has to invest time, energy and love. However having many roles like that can be the most extraordinary experience in life. The…


Happiness in everyday life

Happiness Online Psychology

  In Positive Psychology the path to happiness is clear: let go and enjoy life now. Don’t procrastinate. Cause the most dangerous risk of all is the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later. But…


Invest in your soul

Comfort your soul - online psychology

It does happen to everybody to feel a down sometimes. Life is more and more quickly changing and stressful, and we feel more and more pressure within work, social duties, families, etc. But what if you have a psychological problem that lives with you for years? It is so hard…


Is self-talk harmful?

self-talk Online Psychology

Do you talk to yourself sometimes? Do you have nice discussions for half an hour – just with yourself? Many people think that self-talk is a bit weird. It can be a very good thing for you or a very bad thing – depending on how you talk to yourself.…


The 5 love languages

Wir lieben uns online psychology

Are you talking to me? About love languages. To fall in love is easy. It doesn’t need much more than a party of friends. But what you may not realize is that maintaining healthy relationships is a daily pursuit. Cause what makes one person feel loved does not necessarily make…