Invest in your soul

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It does happen to everybody to feel a down sometimes. Life is more and more quickly changing and stressful, and we feel more and more pressure within work, social duties, families, etc. But what if you have a psychological problem that lives with you for years? It is so hard…


The 5 love languages

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Are you talking to me? About love languages. To fall in love is easy. It doesn’t need much more than a party of friends. But what you may not realize is that maintaining healthy relationships is a daily pursuit. Cause what makes one person feel loved does not necessarily make…


Dealing with negative emotions

Nobody experiences a constant high in emotions. There is only 1 kind of people who don’t experience painful emotions like anger, sadness, anxieties, fear, envy etc. – dead people. However in our society we don’t give each other the permission to be human and the freedom to experience these negative…