Is it really a good idea to try to suppress your depressing thoughts? Or is it better to examine them carefully in order to understand their provenance and their meaning? Depressive thoughts have causes, and discovering those causes can be an opportunity to change things in your life or in the way you perceive your situation.

So first you have to know if you really just want to suppress your depressing thoughts, or if you would like to work with them. The mere fact of suppressing depressing thoughts is almost impossible, as those thoughts will show up in different manifestations and behaviors. If you take some alcohol for example or some other drugs, your depressive thoughts can disappear, but are they really gone? Maybe until you wake up the day after.

To get rid of depressing thoughts, there are many possible ways, for example:

  • Investigate about the deep causes of those thoughts, and try to uproot those causes.
  • Develop joyful thoughts as an antidote to the depressing ones.
  • Practice meditation and mindfulness to take the control of the thoughts your brain got caught in.

With a serious and daily practice of meditation and mindfulness, you can quickly become aware about your worries and ruminations and stop them. It can help you to live in the present moment and gain control on your mind. Then you can start developing more and more joyful thoughts.

Don’t hesitate to invest time and energy into understanding your thoughts and yourself, it is the best investment you can do in life, and the only one that can bring you lasting happiness.

I introduce myself

Psychologische Onlineberatung Psychotherapie

My name is Carolin Müller, I am a Psychologist (M.Sc.), Buddhist Therapist and Onlinepsychologist. With my clients I talk via VideoCall about depression, worries, anxieties and lack of self-esteem.

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Thank you very much for the great and empathetic support. Our sessions revealed long-lost resources and this enables me to have many wonderful experiences now.
Marco B.
I appreciated the way we were able to just chat about whatever was on my mind, even if it had no link with what I was ‘working’ on at the moment. That made me feel free to express myself without restrictions.
Jessica T.
Because of our sessions I realized that it makes me much happier to live without exaggerated expectations, and I see the importance of starting new relationships with the necessary calmness. 
Michelle S.