As usual, there is no valid answer for such questions. Every person is different and I am not a mechanic who just exchanges the breaks on your car, which takes him usually three hours.
First of all it is important to find the right psychologist and to ask yourself which direction of psychotherapy you can imagine for yourself.

Weekly sessions with a psychologist

My experience with the number of sessions is as diverse as the people themselves. Some of my clients book only five sessions, others about twenty. But since I also offer online coaching, some of my clients had a weekly session with me for a year or more. Well, it depends…

I encourage my clients to book five or ten sessions in advance. Five dates are the bare minimum for really positive results. To come back to the mechanic metaphor: I have to get to know you first. As a psychologist, my work is to help you to help yourself and for that I have to know how your brain works.

When you book five or ten sessions as a package, you not only benefit from a reduced price, but also increase your own motivation and commitment. And it also has many advantages for me, as it enables me to prepare a strategy and plan a procedure that meets your needs. When people book five or ten sessions in advance, the results are generally better.

Most of my clients see me once a week, sometimes twice a week, which generally speeds things up. In the course of the cooperation – and when first successes appear – we adapt the regularity of our appointments to the individual needs, so that we might see each other every two weeks or so

Commitment in psychotherapy is essential

If you decide to start a psychological online consultation, your own commitment is very important. The problem with which you come to me (for example, a depressive mood, low self-esteem or anxiety), usually has underlying causes and one should make solving the problem a priority. I often observe that clients make unrealistic expectations on themselves. “I have to get better within a month!” Such expectations on oneself are difficult to fulfill and one will inevitably be disappointed. It takes more than a month or two to change mental and behavioral patterns. Think about how long you are having your problem…

Of course, answering the question of how many sessions one needs at a psychologist also depends on one important question: What is your goal?
Do you want to solve a problem on the surface and get immediate relief, with the risk of tackling the same problem again and again, or do you want to reach the roots of the problem and cut it off?

To eliminate the causes of mental health problems requires more commitment and greater effort. But I will accompany you on this journey and support you. Your investment of money, time and energy is probably the best investment you can make. One can not fully enjoy life if our mental health does not reach its maximum potential.

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I introduce myself

Psychologische Onlineberatung Psychotherapie

My name is Carolin Müller, I am a Psychologist (M.Sc.), Buddhist Therapist and Onlinepsychologist. With my clients I talk via VideoCall about depression, worries, anxieties and lack of self-esteem.

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Thank you very much for the great and empathetic support. Our sessions revealed long-lost resources and this enables me to have many wonderful experiences now.
Marco B.
I appreciated the way we were able to just chat about whatever was on my mind, even if it had no link with what I was ‘working’ on at the moment. That made me feel free to express myself without restrictions.
Jessica T.
Because of our sessions I realized that it makes me much happier to live without exaggerated expectations, and I see the importance of starting new relationships with the necessary calmness. 
Michelle S.