Some facts about online therapy

How does online therapy work?

Depending on your situation, we will use either Skype or telephone to communicate with each other. For some specific problems, therapy via e-mail is an option. We’ll discuss the frequency of your sessions together. In the beginning you will fill in questionnaires in order to ensure a better understanding of your problem.


Who are my clients?

My clients are only adults above the age of 20. Due to my licence in Germany I can’t accept any clients younger than that for an online therapy.


What are the advantages of an online therapy?

In face-to-face consultations there is a dramatic undersupply of psychologists and long waiting lists or inconvenient hours. The advantages of online therapy are obvious:

•  Convenient access from your home or wherever you are
•  Sessions available outside normal working hours
•  Frequent sessions possible
•  Perfect solution for business and long-time travelers
•  Psychological services in areas where it is normally unavailable
•  Provided anonymously if so desired


How effective is online therapy?

The efficacy of psychological counseling and therapy via telephone or video chat was unequivocally established in a number of international studies. Research shows that the benefits of online therapy are at least equal to traditional in-office settings. Of course, success always depends on you as a patient, your cooperation, and your desire for a change.


Is every psychological problem treatable online?

If you are interested in online therapy, we will arrange an appointment for an initial consultation. This initial consultation takes about 15 minutes and is free. I will decide if your individual situation and your psychological problem are compatible with online or telephone therapy. For some, face-to-face therapy is the only option that works.


How many sessions are necessary?

The duration of psychological counseling is very variable and depends on the particular problem. In most cases, it varies between 5 and 20 hours. Of course, shorter consultations are possible.

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