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I take my professional confidentiality and data protection very seriously.
For the protection of privacy my clients’ names were changed.


Thank you for always listening without judging and for helping me to get through these rough times.
I am happy again and being mindful and being kind to myself has helped me to find my balance in life again.
Ines D.


Because of our sessions I realised that it makes me much happier to live without exaggerated expectations, and I see the importance
of starting new relationships with the necessary calmness. I’ve discovered my own love language and understand that
not everybody speaks the same one. Thanks a lot for always listening with
a friendly ear and for showing
Michelle S.


I felt like you were someone who understood me. I didn’t feel awkward, or like you were trying to wear your therapist hat and not break character.
I appreciated the way we were able to just chat about whatever was on my mind, even if it had no link with what I was ‘working’ on at the moment.
That made me feel free to express myself without restrictions. I’m doing well now accepting that things don’t always go as I want them to,
and moving on with the things that do need my attention. Thanks again Carolin!

Jessica T.


Thank you very much for the great and empathetic support. Our sessions revealed long-lost resources
and this enables me to have many wonderful experiences now.
You showed the great ability to let me contemplate over my blind spots and
to give me enough room for my solutions.
Marco B.


Mrs. Müller works is very pleasant and professional way.
She has helped me to understand my fears’ mechanisms, which makes my daily life much easier to handle.
I am looking forward to continue our work and to live a life free from fear.
Lucas G.


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