Do you feel tired, tensed or low-energy?

Is your self-esteem low?

Do you have trouble sleeping and do you overthink at night?

Do you struggle to find the way out?

online psychotherapie beratung coaching

Do you want a change?

“Don’t make it worse than it already is!”

Then let us work together on a solution! Many people tend to spend too much time in a stressful situation, hoping that circumstances will change or that after hours of reflection, they will come up with a solution.

Unfortunately, it is rarely the case. More often, your own patterns and habits will get stronger.

In my psychological counseling program “Depression & Tension”, I help you to initiate healing changes for your situation. My goal is to work with you to develop concrete, life-oriented and proven solutions that can be permanently integrated into your everyday life.

My main concern is to help you become an expert of your own problem and in this way help you to help yourself. This means, after this counseling program, you will independently be able to deal with future situations without slipping into the negative spiral.

Stress und Anspannung wege zur Veränderung

Contents of the counseling program

Once we looked at your individual situation with its particularities, challenges and resources, we turn to the goal setting and goal achievement. The work will be done at a pace that is comfortable for you and at the same time, homework and small exercises between sessions will make the collaboration as efficient as possible.

In my work, I focus on solution and resource-oriented methods of psychological counseling. You will learn to observe your mind mechanisms and how to gain control over them. Furthermore, techniques of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy are used to practice new behaviors and to integrate them into everyday life in a realistic way.

Within this counseling program you will learn:

  • How negative thinking patterns emerge and what effects they have.
  • Techniques to free oneself from negative thinking patterns.
  • How emotions arise and how you can change them.
  • To pay more attention to positive things again.
  • Effective techniques to improve your mood.
  • To strengthen existing resources and, if necessary, to build up new ones.
  • Critically question your deep beliefs.
  • To integrate relaxation techniques into your everyday life.
  • Methods of mindful self-control.
  • To deal constructively with obstacles.
Wege aus der Depression mit Onlinetherapie

Which results can you expect?

You can choose between two different counseling packages.

The basic package

This counseling package lasts 5 weeks with a 50-min session per week via video conference.

It addresses five of the topics above that are most important to you.

After the counseling, you will be able to see how your mind works and how you can counteract unhealthy states. With regular practice, your feelings will no longer be an uncontrolled power over you but be guided by you. In counseling, you will learn to intuitively observe your inner tension and consciously induce relaxation states that will allow you to be serene and balanced in everyday life.

With this short-term counseling program, you will have taken the first step towards a more positive future.

The intensive package

The intensive counseling package lasts 10 weeks with one 50-min session per week via video conference. In addition, one to two e-mail contacts per week to assist you in the implementation of homework and the integration of new patterns of behavior in everyday life.

It will cover all the content-related topics of the package.

After the counseling program, you will be able to understand how your mind works and how you can counteract unhealthy states. You will learn how to develop your feelings and how to positively influence them. This leads to a great sense of freedom when practiced regularly, because you are no longer controlled by your feelings, but can decide for yourself how you want to feel.

You will know about essential concepts of Buddhist Psychotherapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and apply them in your everyday life. This leads to a more conscious lifestyle of increased mindfulness. By working on unfavorable beliefs, we will rebuild your self-esteem.

With the intensive package you get many techniques at hand, which you can integrate firmly into your everyday life over the course of the 10 weeks.