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To find a new home in an unknown country
can be an adventure and an intense process of self-discovery.

But sometimes you could get overwhelmed by loneliness, insecurities, or worries.
Or you simply find out that the old problems do not automatically disappear just because you are on the beach.

I am myself an expat, I can understand your situation.

Therapy via video conference

Your situation:

  • You are an expat or a long-term traveler.

  • You are probably in a different time zone from your home country.

  • At your location it is hard to find a psychologist.
  • You need to remain flexible in your time and location.

  • You are suffering from loneliness, anxiety, or self-doubts…

I would like to help you to enjoy your dream of global freedom and live in the here and now.

Psychotherapie und Beratung für Menschen im Ausland und Vielreisende
Psychotherapy for expats in foreign countries

Psychologist (M.Sc.),
Buddhist Therapist &
Digital Nomad

My name is Carolin Müller. For 4 years, I have been traveling around the world and living in different countries. That is why I know about the challenges that such a life can bring.

With my clients I talk with video conference. The advantage is that we can remain totally flexible in time and location, which allows us to communicate even when we are thousands of kilometers away from each other.

I help you deal with rumination, and win against depression, fears and self-doubts. I support you in getting back in balance with yourself and to enjoy life in the here and now.

If you would like to know more about me and my work, please click here.

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