The importance of taking care of oneself

Every person has many roles to fulfill. We are daughters, sons, parents, husbands, wives, friends… Not even talking about professions, hobbies et cetera. Every role includes work.

One has to invest time, energy and love.

However having many roles like that can be the most extraordinary experience in life. The key is to balance all of that: to be able to do all these things, to do the other stuff that we want to do, and to have the freedom that we want to have.


When we form bonds with others we want them to be happy and to realize their dreams. And we are helping them. With all our heart because we love them. We start to help our husband to build up his business or we help our friend to get through tough times at university, we help our parents to enjoy their years of retirement.

And that’s fine.

But sometimes it happens, that other people’s dreams become more important than our own dreams. We start to feel responsible for their happiness. We invest so much time and energy that we forget to take care of ourselves and of our dreams. 

So every day think about your loved ones and help them to achieve their goals. But (and say it loud to yourself!) before the day is done you’ll make sure that you take care of yourself, too. Because when you stop taking care of yourself you get out of balance and you really forget how to take care of others.

You can’t serve from an empty vessel.

We don’t have to sacrifice everything to be a good parent, partner, or friend. We have to take care of yourselves in order to have the alignment and the power to take care of others. Because it fills the vessel. And this is a question of responsibility.

Don’t lose the way on how to make yourself happy! Sacrificing your dreams for the dreams of another person will eventually make you unhappy and bitter. So take care of yourself and follow your way.

Fill the vessel.

And the very thing, that you thought would make your loved ones unhappy is actually fulfilling these people as well. Because the more you are happy and the more fulfilled you are, the better it is for everybody. Your happiness is what fuels you from the inside. So you can assist the others in realizing their dreams. 


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