After meditating about the questions we asked in the first part of this article, you must recognize that our views and feelings about ourselves and our parents are not only highly related, but can also be very exaggerated, not to say totally wrong.

In this second part, I would like to invite you for another type of meditation.

A loving relationship with mother and father

Sit down and visualize the image of both your father and your mother in front you. But this time, imagine them as they were very small kids.
Imagine they are only about 4 years old, they did not know each other yet, and everyone is totally innocent, playful and happy.
Visualize the laughter of your father playing in his house.
Imagine the beauty of your mother as she is running after her brother or her sister in her house.

What are your thoughts and feelings as you visualize your parents as they were kids?
Do you feel love and kindness? Or do you rather feel anger and hatred?
Note your answers.

A loving relationship with ourselves

Now, let’s do the same exercise, but with yourself this time. Sit down and close your eyes.
Visualize your own image when you were a child, around 3 or 4 years old. Imagine what you looked like, and imagine you are so joyfully playing and laughing with your brother, your sister or your dog.
Look at yourself at that moment, and see what are your thoughts and feelings.
Do you feel love and kindness? Or do you feel anger and hatred?

If you repeat this kind of exercise on a daily basis, you will create new positive thoughts and feelings. You will develop self-love and self-compassion. And you will also let go of the past, forgive yourself and your parents, and build with them and yourself a loving relation, where there is no place for anger and blame anymore.

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