First of all, you have to know that not all psychological problems are suitable for an online therapy. Some cases are better treated offline, some others are perfectly suitable for online psychotherapy. During the free first consultation with my clients, or sometimes just after reading a detailed email they sent me, I can easily tell if we can work together online or not. The common psychological problems like depression, anxiety, low-self esteem, stress, relationship problems, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorders… are generally suitable for an online psychotherapy, and the results show to be very good. But the same problems when they are more advanced or at a critical level need an offline more intensive care.

How to find a psychologist online?

The best way to start looking for your online psychologist or psychotherapist is to type the right keywords on a search engine. For example if you suffer from depression, type “online psychologist depression”. You will see many links that will be suggested to you. Then, you have to think with which kind of psychologist you would like to work.

You will notice that some websites are actually a central for tens and sometimes even hundreds of psychologists, where you cannot immediately know exactly who is your psychologist and what he or she might look like. So you have to ask yourself if you would prefer to work with a big online startup listing several psychologists, or if you would prefer to work with an independent psychologist directly.You can then open some websites in different tabs and have a look.

Based on which criteria you can find a good psychologist online.

Which one seems qualified for your problem?

What are the techniques used? Do they have diplomas?

Do they have reviews of other clients?

Do they mention serious policies of privacy on their websites?

Do you prefer to work with a man or a woman? With someone older or younger?

Which online psychologist offer quick responses and appointments?

Are the prices clearly mentioned? Do they fit into your budget?

Which psychologist offers a first consultation for free?

At this step, do not hesitate to contact one of them, describe your situation and ask some questions. It will show you the response time and the quality of the answer.

The free first consultation should be an important criteria. It will give you the possibility to talk about your situation and to observe the way the psychologist listens to you and the way he or she reacts. You will check your feelings, and if you feel comfortable, it means that you probably found the right online psychologist for you.

All you have to do in the next step is to stay committed, do your homework, and you will without doubt observe a gradual improvement in your situation.


If you are interested in online counseling and if you would like to learn more about me and my specialization click here.

I introduce myself

Psychologische Onlineberatung Psychotherapie

My name is Carolin Müller, I am a Psychologist (M.Sc.), Buddhist Therapist and Onlinepsychologist. With my clients I talk via VideoCall about depression, worries, anxieties and lack of self-esteem.

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Thank you very much for the great and empathetic support. Our sessions revealed long-lost resources and this enables me to have many wonderful experiences now.
Marco B.
I appreciated the way we were able to just chat about whatever was on my mind, even if it had no link with what I was ‘working’ on at the moment. That made me feel free to express myself without restrictions.
Jessica T.
Because of our sessions I realized that it makes me much happier to live without exaggerated expectations, and I see the importance of starting new relationships with the necessary calmness. 
Michelle S.